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Stage 14: Sumatra

Bintuhan to  Krui
Date: 03-09-2014 Time: 06:55 h Σ Time: 81:21 h
Distance: 139 km Σ km: 1725 km Temp: 23/39 °C
Up: 1674 m Σ Up: 16885 m Calories: 3150 kcal
Down: 1641 m Σ Down: 16775 m Σ kcal: 38798 kcal
Conditions: Hot & humid (what else?). Steep climbs (20% grade), very scenic. Road good at the beginning at the end lot of gravel and potholes. Lunch again setup in a sort of paradise location at the beach – serving fresh coconuts.

This was one of a tough ride, today. The long big climb after 40 km was announced the night before.  However there was no word about how steep some of the sections are going to be. And there was no saying about the many shorter but less steep ascents thereafter were following, adding to the total ascent of more than 1600m. We were mostly cruising along the coast line, except when crossing the national park with the big climb to 500m. The quick increasing temperatures did their part to the game and made cycling a sweaty job. At some point I thought Cristiano must be sitting somewhere at the beach, having a beer or more and a set of voodoo dolls of us all. For some unknown reasons he is punishing us the whole day, setting up more and more obstacles into our way and pushing the needles deeper and deeper.  Reception at the camp was exceptional: We got a late lunch and fruits. Dinner was excellent – I added a fish to my diet. I think I gonna need some extra portion of energy for the days to come. Room at the Surfer camp is basic, but has got 2 fans, that are absolutely needed!



Stage 13: Sumatra

Manna to  Bintuhan
Date: 02-09-2014 Time: 03:27 h Σ Time: 74:26 h
Distance: 75 km Σ km: 1586 km Temp: 22/38 °C
Up: 546 m Σ Up: 15211 m Calories: 1274 kcal
Down: 567 m Σ Down: 15134 m Σ kcal: 35648 kcal
Conditions: Perfect for an enjoyable short ride. Small rollers and very scenic. Lunch at 60 km in paradise – at a lonely  beach with fishermen around.

An easy day, just cruise along and enjoy the privilege to be cycling here. Lots of photo stops and interaction with kids waiting at their school yards for ‘strangers’ on bicycles. I can’t simply rush past them. I need to stop for some handshakes and miles. At 42 km I slowed down at a big wedding ceremony. I was immediately surrounded by the party guests and everyone wanted a photo with me. Soon Andreas, todays sweep arrived and we both were invited into the tent, treated with cakes and juice and asked to get on stage to greet the young couple,speak to the crowed and dance. So the time went past and luckily it was a short riding day, so we had all time of the world to stay longer. The lunch site at 60 km was a dream location. Right at the beach under palm trees with lots of shade. Fishermen around and women roasting the catch. No one was in a hurry and almost everyone had a nap at any given spot. Only 15 more km to go after lunch and the beach at Bintuhan was waiting for a swim … (more in additional posts to come)



Stage 12: Sumatra

Bengkulu to  Manna
Date: 01-09-2014 Time: 05:47 h Σ Time: 70:58 h
Distance: 140 km Σ km: 1511 km Temp: 20/39 °C
Up: 1082 m Σ Up: 14665 m Calories: 3056 kcal
Down: 1052 m Σ Down: 14567 m Σ kcal: 34374 kcal
Conditions: A fast marathon warm-up in the morning. The 42 km flat out of town would have been a treat, if the air wouldn’t be so polluted from the early morning commute.

It was easy rolling on the first 40 km. Thereafter it became more rural, hilly and the road sometimes a bit broken. The landscape did not change much until we turned back to the coast. Rice fields and palm trees build the scene. Lunch at a police station with a school next to it. This guaranteed spectators and entertainment. After lunch temperatures increased to reach upper 30th.

Today I was stopped by two girls on a motor scooter. They followed me quite a while, then passed, fall back again, passed until finally stopped next to the road and signaled me to stop, too – which I did. The first word of the girl was ‘OMG, I want a photo with you’. So I had a road side photo session and many more “OMG’s” …