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2014-08-25 Photos

Photos of  the Rest Day in

Bukittinggi – Sumatra

Sumatra Welcomes the Rider from Germany

Throughout the country villages are decorated with alleys of German banners.


  • Is this another ‘Cristiano/TdA Special’ for one of his/their alumnae? Thumbs up
  • Was the town expecting my passage and giving me a warm welcome?
  • Is this still post-Soccer World Cup decoration? The Indonesians seem to be very aware of the German victory in this year’s WC final. I am often asked, from where I am, and immediately given half a dozen German soccer player names, when I tell them I am German.

Which ever is the case, I enjoy the ‘special’ treat.

Terima Kasih (thank you).


Pole Climbing

Shortly after the Equator passage I passed a 20140824_115041little village with a big assembly on a public ground. Although the ride was already consuming a lot of energy, and the final climb to Bukit Tinggi was still to come, I couldn’t resist to drop my bicycle and step into the crowd to watch the spectacle. ‘Rachma’ with her little one ‘Colby’, explained to me that they are celebrating a Christian holiday and at the end of festival they do the pole climbing. Aim of the participating teams is to reach to the top first and pick the attached gifts for their team.

It was great fun to watch them building / failing to build  the pyramids – it didn’t look very organized or efficient – but everyone 20140824_120222seemed to enjoy it. After a while the focus deviated from the climbers onto me and I eventually became the main attraction again – as so many times in the past, when I stopped to take photos or interact with the locals. Obviously this area is rarely visited by tourists.

climbing poles / Sumatra




2014-08-24 Photos

Photos of  Stage 6

Kota Nopan to Bukittinggi – Sumatra

This room sleeps 4!

Very basic but spacious room for 2 humans and their bicycles.


My Mrs. Wriggley II and her temporary new partner in safe haven.

2014-08-23 Photos

Photos of  Stage 5

Padang Sidempuan to Kota Nopan – Sumatra

Lumber Jack

Hard working fellows. Strong man competition. Piece by piece makes its way onto the truck until it is loaded to the top. These guys do really have their daily workout. No need for gym and protein shakes.







Pictures of the day

G0514480 Uphill with a kind of smile and wet to the bones G0524488I wish there were only downhills Smile


Enjoying the cooler breeze.              A welcome for our American riders!

DSC_1039Afrisanti, my beautiful shop assistant opposite of the PIA Hotel

G0534502Helmet attraction

G0534512Give me 5

2014-08-22 Photos

Photos of  Stage 4

Tarutung to  Padang Sidempuan – Sumatra

2014-08-21 Photos

Photos of  Stage 3

Tuk Tuk / Lake Toba to Tarutung – Sumatra