TO 2014 Dinner

The Trans Oceania 2014 Cycling Expedition and Tour ended with a final Dinner for all riders and staff members in the dining room on the 25th floor of the Sydney Bayview / Boulevard Hotel.


Here Andreas and Team awarded the full tour riders with Finisher Medals and surprised almost everyone on the tour with a personalized gift, characterizing her or his special appearance during the tour. A great event to complete this fantastic trip after 4 months. Even Sponge Bob ‘reincarnated’ after being missing since the blast in the Bromo Crater on Java back in September.

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  1. :) Thanks Joachim for locating me at this hotel, but I still didn’t arrive in Sydney…There are only 50 km left though ! I did a 1000 km loop in Tasmania and came from Melbourne through the Dead Horse Gap but got no medal ;)

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