SUN-Day Morning

What a beautiful morning in Delegate. Cold, but the rising sun will soon warm up our frozen bodies. The night was cold and the morning mist lays a white cover over the fields, as if it wants to show us, how the Snowy Mountains will look in winter …

A hundred and thirty five kilometers tidsy, but I turned into the Platypus Reserve at Bombola to get a slight chance to see these shy animals in their natural habitat.


Photos to be added later …

Stage 88: Victoria / New South Wales

Orbost to  Delegate
Date: 12-13-2014 Time: 06:18 h Σ Time: 489:10 h
Distance: 123 km Σ km: 10374 km Temp: 5/27°C
Up: 1882 m Σ Up: 86939 m Down: 1135 m
Calories: 1790 kcal Σ kcal: 220719 kcal  
Conditions: Very scenic ride through the fern and eucalyptus forest. Only 13 cars and 4 motor cycles all day on the road. 20 km of gravel.

I must have left my climbing legs in Indonesia. It wasn’t an easy day, after 8 weeks of almost no climbs in Australia and  more than 10000km done so far. However the route through a green forest, with almost no traffic, was so peace- and beautiful.  Although a huge part of the forest was recently destroyed by an immense fire, it was already shining in 50 shades of green. DSC_0886aHuge tree-ferns, giant eucalyptus trees and lower plants competed in who can produce more shades of green, like the tea plantations on Indonesia. The climbs were very gradual and with only 17 motorized vehicles passing us all day, it allowed a very relaxed cycling. The road was a 115 km roller-coaster, which means countless corners and curves, as well as ups and downs. The weather was fantastic. It started cold in the morning, but clear skies indicated that the sun will heat up the air quickly, allowing to ride short sleeved for the first time in weeks. Shortly before reaching delegate we crossed state boundaries from Victoria to New South Wales (NSW).


Delegate is a very small town. There was only one store open this Saturday afternoon to buy food and drinks. The camp ground is an unmanaged public camping space along the Snowy River. Lush green, but myriads of annoying flies. Tonight we will sleep with the sound of the running waters and the songs of the frogs instead of the engines of passing cars, passing by the former camps located next to the highway.

Tomorrow will be another long day, with 135km and 1750m up. The 5 remaining days to Sydney will by no means be a ‘Walk in the Park’!



Camping in Delegate. The sunshine is back! After about 1900m of climbs we set camp on a real basic campsite in Delegate, along the Snowy River. Only 1 shower & 1 toilet per gender. However power plugs for everyone and infinite space to setup tents.


It would be a great place, if there were NO FLIES!!

We left Victoria and entered New South Wales. The ride through the forest was stunning. After a big fire life is back and trees and ferns are in bright green colors.

The final 6 cycling days to Sydney don’t seem to be an easy ‘walk’. It is not an easy roll-in after 88 days of going through all forms of torture. Lots of climbs and always between 110 and 160 kilometers. A ‘Taste of Indonesia’ for our Australia cyclists. Nevertheless, we can’t be stopped. Sydney, keep the Champagne ready and cold, we are coming!