Stage 76: South Australia

Kingston S.E. to  Beachport
Date: 11-27-2014 Time: 03:58 h Σ Time: 428:04 h
Distance: 89 km
(92 km)
Σ km: 9125 km Temp: 5/25°C
Up: 131 m Σ Up: 78111 m Down: 137 m
Calories: 1552 kcal Σ kcal: 192508 kcal  
Conditions: A shorter cycling day with an early arrival. The wind in Beachport was blowing all day and night

Short enough to ride solo into the SE-wind and still arrive early in camp. This morning was kangaroo parade; more than 50 spread over a few 100 meters. They outnumbered the cows on the fields this day. Even an Australian rider said, he’d never seen such a large group of kangaroos. Only a short 3 km extra to see the Woakwine Cutting, a 1 kilometer long cut into the terrain, 34m at its deepest point, to drain a swamp and gain more land. Beachport was reach before lunch. Camp was only separated by a road from the beach. It wasn’t easy to setup tents in the blowing wind. The majority decided to rent cabins or apartments for a saver sleep. After all tents were setup, the caravan park owner offered us to use a more wind sheltered campground. A few of us, including me, took to offer and relocated our tents to the new ground, with little wind that rattled on our tents. I used the afternoon to ride along a scenic route, with a salty lake (7 times saltier than the ocean), nice beaches and the second largest jetty in Australia. In the evening we had wine tasting and dinner in Gerald’s ‘shelter’ and a photo slideshow on his TV.