Stage 75: South Australia

Lake Albert to  Kingston S.E.
Date: 11-26-2014 Time: 07:59 h Σ Time: 424:38 h
Distance: 148 km
Σ km: 9036 km Temp: 8/24°C
Up: 320 m Σ Up: 77980 m Down: 319 m
Calories: 3127 kcal Σ kcal: 190956 kcal  
Conditions: The headwind battle continues.

Nevertheless of the headwind, Henry and I decided to take a 7 mile gravel detour along the shore of the lake. It was a cloudy, fresh morning. Somehow someone forgot to tell the birds that we were coming to see them, thus there was little extra, besides rabbits, flies and cattle. With 10 km more in the legs we returned to the main route. It was a long day, but the wind was in many sections not as strong as the day before, thus I decided on another deviation from the route at 131 km. A parallel road, closer to the ocean with a beach access to the Granites. Here I had a short swim in the cold ocean and a ride along the beach. With 16 km extra I arrived late but not last in camp. The beach was directly next to the campsite, with pelicans on the sea and a seal on the beach.