Stage 73: South Australia

Riverton to  Adelaide
Date: 11-23-2014 Time: 04:55 h Σ Time: 409:04 h
Distance: 124 km Σ km: 8714 km Temp: 9/29°C
Up: 1022 m Σ Up: 76320 m Down: 1178 m
Calories: 2184 kcal Σ kcal: 184368 kcal  
Conditions: The ride with tailwind continued on this misty morning. A scenic and hilly ride on the 2nd half.

The supporting tailwind stayed with us on this final riding day of the 6. section. It begun very misty, almost spooky in the early morning, until the sun burnt away the fog. The ‘polished’ tar made cycling a pure joy. 56km were covered in 2 hours. Thereafter the terrain changed. We detoured into a very scenic ride, through a hilly region adding 1000m of climbs to this day, not to everyone’s delight. At lunch we were trapped for quite a while, because the road was blocked by the police, because of a motorcycle accident 5 km ahead, that needed air rescue. Adelaide was reached with a final fast descend through a narrow gorge. Camp is not within the city itself, but nicely located in the southern suburban area. The weather was fine and hot today, however tomorrow the temperature will drop again and rain is expected, likewise what we had experienced in the past 3 rest days. What a timing!

My rear tire was flat again in the morning, and I just pumped it up again, because I couldn’t find a puncture yet. In the Adelaide camp I finally found the reason, a defective valve, releasing 1 bubble of air every second. So I got a brand new tube from my permanent bag to have it fixed for good. X-fingers …

If weather permits I’ll cycle to town tomorrow. Need to go to the telecom shop to modify my contract and have more internet data volume.