Kangaroos at Sunset

I always wanted to get a nice sunset photo with a kangaroo just skipping passed the setting sun. I patiently waited every evening at the campsite with my camera ready to catch this special moment. I got nice shots of sunsets, almost every day, but not the one I was hoping for.

Days and days went went by. The sun rise, the sun set again, but no kangaroos around, until … CLICK!


well, the above needed a bit of a ‘rework’, some call it ‘photo-shopping’Winking smile

However, I never give up my dreams.
Minutes later, I got another shot with an object passing the setting sun. This time it wasn’t the original version of an Australian KANGAROO, but a Japanese remodeled type, named a …

kangaroo-sunset-2 SUBARU!

4 thoughts on “Kangaroos at Sunset”

  1. Tolles Foto. Jetzt naht sich bald Alles dem Ende zu – 1 Monat, kaum zu glauben wie schnell die Zeit verging. Jeden Tag haben wir “reingeguckt”in Spannung zu lesen was du zu berichten hattest und vorallem auf die tollen Fotos konnten wir nicht warten. Mach’s gut, alles Gute noch für die letzte Strecke.

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