Sharp Peeks

Today’s mountain peeks that we had to overrun where exceptional steep and the tips extremely sharp. Besides the need to force the last bit of energy into the legs to turn the cranks and keep on moving, it was also a battle for the tires. Obviously too much, even for an ‘undestroyable’ Schwalbe. Usually I shoulder my bike and lift it over the top, to protect it from tire damages caused by sharp tips. However, today I forgot to get off my20140923_122258 bike on one of the peeks and got my rear tire completely stabbed, down to the fabric. Luckily I had the extra anti-flat plastic layer inside between tire wall and tube, thus I didn’t suffer a puncture and could continue the ride to camp.DSC_3108



After dinner I had to perform an emergency repair, moved my front tire to the rear wheel and mounted the Supreme (which is for smooth tar) to the front. Now I need to hunt for a new offroad tire to replace the damaged one.

2 thoughts on “Sharp Peeks”

  1. ha, ha, falsche Ausrüstung! Das ist eine Strecke für Kettenfahrzeuge und 600 PS unter der Haube. Aber du willst es ja so. Good luck and much PS in your legs.

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