Stage 28: Java

Yogyakarta to  Solo
Date: 21-09-2014 Time:

05:54 h

Σ Time: 146:36 h
Distance: 112 km Σ km: 2921 km Temp: 25/39 °C
Up: 1279 m Σ Up: 33063 m Calories: 3286 kcal
Down: 1240 m Σ Down: 32336 m Σ kcal: 64907 kcal
Conditions: Roads exceptionally good. A view road works with loos gravel or potholes. A steep climb n the morning (up to 20%) and several smaller thereafter. However the afternoon after lunch easy on the plain with favorable wind.

The reincarnation of a cyclist, after a 6 days knock-out.

I knew, it wouldn’t be easy for me after my energy taking sickness. Riding most of the day with my mask, made breathing not a pleasure, especially when temperatures raise into the upper 30th °C. However I badly wanted to be back on my bike and ride. The van is no option; and my fellow cyclists and staff wanted to see me back cycling, too. So I started with Eric as the last out from Yogya. A quick 12 km through town, then we separated and I sent Eric ahead on his faster mission. At 13 km the steep ascent to 400m started. I was remarkably strong and already passed the first riders walking their bikes, and had left much earlier. There were many local cyclist on the road, too. This must be a popular cycling track. I could feel, that I was strong, but far from the strength I had before. I therefore took it slow, stopped a few times for photos. I even added an extra activity stop (more in the ‘Over the Edge’ post) which delayed me for another 30 minutes or more, but was worth it. The emptiness in my stomach increased and power level decreased in the starting midday heat. Lunch was a few kilometers before the last short & steep climb of the day. I let it last very long, until today’s ‘sweeper’ arrived, but ate with more appetite and rested before I left for the 2nd part. The final climb was consuming my last power level, but the immediate downhill helped me recharge a bit. The final flat 40 km were simply a matter of not giving up. Should I save energy for the next day or shall I go and ride the whole day? Favorable wind and my will to complete the day, carried me into the Iris Hotel in Solo, where I had a hot shower and a nice intermediate meal to bridge the time to dinner and compensate for not eating (much) for the last 5 days. Hope I get the carbs loaded quick!